Our Mission and Vision

Mission of Montessori Peaks Academy

It is the mission of Montessori Peaks Academy to achieve high standards of individual excellence by guiding the whole student through an exceptional learning experience based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori.

Montessori philosophy and methodology is based on the education of the whole child. This not only includes cognitive and academic development, it also concentrates on the emotional, physical and social development of the child. The children become self-learners and structure their own curriculum, working with and absorbing information at the time they are ready. The children cultivate their own natural desire to learn.


  • To foster the eager, autonomous, and individualized learning of all students.
  • To enable students to develop their intellectual, physical, and social potential to the fullest extent possible.
  • To facilitate the development of each student's independence, responsibility, and respect for others.
  • To help students make smooth transitions from concrete learning to abstract thinking.
  • To allow students to attain mastery of basic skills and knowledge.
  • To encourage students to develop strong proficiencies in problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Vision of Montessori Peaks Academy

Montessori Peaks Academy is an educational journey, preparing each child to uniquely contribute to our shared community.

Guiding Principles  --  As a community, we;

  • Honor the Individual Child
  • We guide student-led learning, designed to meet each child’s needs throughout their educational journey
  • We support the child through a holistic perspective that supports the development of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional aspects.
  • We value each child’s unique contribution to the community
  • Champion a Culture of Excellence
  • We provide an academically rigorous curriculum that integrates learning with every aspect of the child’s day
  • We maintain high standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency
  • We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to always doing our best and striving for continuous improvement
  • We maintain an engaged community of students, teacher, and parents who collaborate together to advance school achievement
  • Prepare Life- Long Learners
  • We instill a love of learning that motivates us to push the boundaries of our abilities
  • We teach critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving skills that prepare for tackling and solving real world problems
  • We are a community that supports one another, building life-long relationships that connect us as we transition to the next step.
  • Create Responsible World Citizens
  • We role model respect and empathy through the lessons of grace and courtesy, building social skills that teach independence, kindness, and peace
  • We believe in the value of diversity, relying on different perspective and world views to broaden our horizons and improve our community
  • We engage in community service to build community solutions as socially conscious citizens of our society
  • Adapt the Montessori Method to this Time and Place
  • We trust and practice Montessori methods as a child-centered educational approach in a multiage classroom
  • We engage in experiential learning within the prepared environment, providing guidance and opportunity for each student to develop mastery at their own pace
  • We adapt these methods to the changing needs of our community, applying the fundamental Montessori philosophy to support children in today’s world

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